K-4 & K-5

Curiosity is a natural and important trait for young children.  It is from this curiosity that children develop a desire to learn! At CCA, we want to take that natural curiosity and help them form the story of why things exist and why we are here. We are building the crucial academic foundation through hands on learning and community interaction.


CCA uses the Abeka curriculum for K4 and K5.  This exciting and colorful curriculum will help students develop routines and habits that will assist them throughout their educational careers.  Hands on activities, games, and independent practice are all incorporated into their day to teach the whole child.  Abeka curriculum includes five major academic disciplines: mathematics, reading, social studies, science, phonics, and Bible. Students will work daily on concepts such as letter recognition, letter sounds, poetry, sight words, word building, number recognition, adding and subtracting.